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Dear blog,
Today I woke up with this idea: DATING IS LIKE SHOPPING.
After careful consideration I think both activities are really alike.
If you think about it both activities involve around the same time/mind effort and at the end of both you are always hoping you’ll find something that fits! And if you are not sure and you take it anyway home … there is always a return policy!
You can shop at a mall, your city center, online, at exclusive or vintage boutiques (the ex boyfriend, but that is a LONG topic, I need another time to talk about that) it all depends on your mood, your lifestyle and your personality.
As this is a fashion blog, I will just mention some of my favorite places to go shopping in the one’s actually I would love to have a date (with my boyfriend Mr. Visa).

1. Quadrillatero della Moda, Milano
2. Antara Polanco, Mexico City – Mexico
3. Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires – Argentina
4. Fifth Avenue, New York – USA
5. Avenida Presidente Masaryk, Mexico City – Mexico
Dreaming is free!

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    julio 1, 2010

    Soooo true! Ame la parte del vintage, indeed eso es punto y aparte! jajajajaja