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Skinny bitch

How many diets have I ever done? Around a good 20? You? Have they ever worked?
I lost around 25 kgs a year ago … yeah! As you read! It took me about 6 months but I did it, I was tired of going shopping and never finding something that fits. I love fashion and it was so sad never been able to wear what I wanted to, so one day I took the decision, after being inspired by my friend Dany and a book I bought at the New York JFK airport called “ Skinny Bitch” and many many many bad shopping experiences I decided 2009 was the year I was changing my life.
A year after I realize its wasn’t the most difficult part to loose them, it is not gaining them back! It sounds very cliché but it really is a life style eating healthier.
I know, it sucks, specially when you love to eat crap (chocolates and greasy food) like me. But the feeling of wearing all you want is priceless and worth not eating that extra chocolate cake.
My biggest suggestion is NEVER do it for someone else (boyfriend, friends, etc) DO IT FOR YOURSELF!
Contact me if you want me to send you details about the diet I followed.
Thanks for 100 visits on the first day I started blogging … I am loving it!

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