You don’t have to wait for Prince Charming to find the perfect shoe that will make you live happily ever after.

Yes, I consider myself one of those losers that blame Walt Disney for having big expectations on men, I guess I am a romantic and wish I could have my movie love story. I know, that’s a big fat lie and doesn’t really exist except in Walt Disney movies or Mexican soap operas.
So, as we live in the real world, where Prince Charming prefers to go party with his friends, is scared of commitment or he is simply just a man (that makes mistakes and makes u angry) there is a moment that gives you hope, that makes you feel happy (at least it makes me… also to you?) that moment is “FINDING THE PERFECT SHOE” that unique shoe, that looks so good on you, that might be expensive but worth every cent!
As I am a shoe lover I am always looking for new designers and trends.
The following brands I discovered in trips to Buenos Aires, Amsterdam and London (well, through Elle UK). You should check them out … on the left side of this post I uploaded a picture with the three designers latest collection examples.
Don’t be scared of trying something new and be a trendsetter! If Cinderella found the perfect shoe that helped her live happily ever after… why can’t we? And you don’t need a Prince searching around the city for you with the other lost pair.
The first brand is United Nude (marked with the letter A in the picture) by designers Rem D Koolhaas and Galahad Clark.
I discovered them about a month ago in Amsterdam. Very symmetric and architecturally figures, great color playing and really cool store with amazing visual merchandising. The type of store that invites you come in, and once you are in you want to buy everything inside! I would describe it as a cool shoe shopping experience.
Check the link to know more about them and you are able to buy online.
The second brand is Mechante of London by Deborah Lyons (designer).
I discovered her thanks to Elle UK her style is described as clean, bold and with sculptural point of view. I particularly love the combination of color on her latest collection (examples on the left picture letter B)
The third and my favorite is the Argentinean Lucila Iotti.
In my opinion she is a trendsetter, she captures the essence of innovating yet keeping craftmanshift on every piece.
The store located in the trendiest area of Buenos Aires “Palermo” reflects the innovative and particular style of the designer.
Just to mention an example of how talented she is, her shoes appeared on the first Sex and the City Movie.
The shoes are marked with the letter C of the image at the Left.
If you want to check more about her follow the link:
Take a look and let me know what you think about all of them!
Remember buying shoes is an investment; so don’t feel guilty about spending if it’s worth it.