En Moda

My second favorite holiday

I guess that December holidays are mostly everyones favorite.

I love Christmas (back home is lots of fun, my family is huge we are around 60!) and new years I usually spend it with friends at Cozumel (a beautiful island in the Mexican Caribbean, near Cancun) but recently I discovered there is a new time of the year I love: Milan Male Fashion Week (Milano Moda Uomo), and the best part is it happens TWICE a year!

Even though the main event lasts only 4 days, is so nice to walk around the city, (specially in the Navigli area, where I live) ride the bus or the metro and feel like in a commercial with all kind of gorgeous guys from all over the world lost and asking for directions to find the place where their next casting is going to be.
I love how men would say, “ Yes, they are good looking but gay” … So what! Who cares! And besides, you can’t generalize.
Behind all the glamour, parties and all of the ideas that magazines and movies have made us think about them, at the end they are just regular guys (with the luck of great genes) that leave their families and friends to work and build themselves a better future.
So dear friends, I leave you a video from the backstage of Costume National of last Male S/S 2011 Fashion Week where I worked as a dresser. Marry Christmas! Enjoy!