En Moda

Vintage Love

When I started writing this blog, I never thought how many analogies could be done with fashion and life.
A couple days ago I was talking with one of my best friends, she was telling me about how her ex wanted to get back with her. (Sounds familiar girls?)She suggested me to write about it, but then she told me it couldn’t be done because it had nothing to do with fashion… No? What about vintage? In fashion they are always trends coming back (as that annoying ex boyfriend of yours).
What exactly is vintage in fashion? The term vintage is used to describe clothing, either used or new (from dead stock), which was manufactured in a non-contemporary era. We usually mix the meaning of “ retro” (clothes from the 70´s 80´s) and “antique” (clothes from the 20´s) with vintage.
On the right you’ll see pictures of examples of vintage and retro dresses. What is cool a bout vintage is that you can mix and match with the new trends and as a result have a unique look. Take time to go to vintage or flee markets …You can find the most amazing stuff! Also a good suggestion is to explore your mom or grandma’s closet.
I guess its part of human nature to look back in the past, but my advice with “vintage love” (meaning your ex) is to remember that if it is now vintage is because you considered it didn’t fit with you anymore.
Don’t forget that there is a reason (or many!) why you are not with him anymore, because in life as in fashion when you find that special piece that you love, it doesn’t matter if seasons come and go, you never let it go.
With love to my friend Bea, that thanks to her I met my Italian fashion piece I never want to let go.