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Office look

I remember those boring days where I had to go to work at Coca Cola´s Corporate offices and the dress code was not said but you weren’t “allowed” to certain stuff.

The reality is that when you work at an office there is an unsaid (or sometimes said) dress code which usually is boring and if you wear something “fashion” your colleagues might stare at you, make jokes, or worst case scenario talk behind your back.
Some tips:
A) Use accessories to personalize your look
• Invest in a good bag, specially if you wear a uniform.
• Earrings, rings, bracelets are a good option for looking different everyday.
B) Find yourself a good hairstylist
• Great hair can make THE difference between looking ok and looking FABULOUS.
• Good hairstyle will make you feel and look better = more confident.
C) Jackets, coats, sweaters are not part of your office uniform, you always you use them and you can bet for a trendy color or cut.
D) Because you have to wear to the knee skirts, they don’t have to be have a boring shape and/or color.
• Try skirts with different prints.
• Spend an afternoon trying the shape skirt that better fits your body type.
E) Pants
• Every season the trend and style of pants change.
• Tip; legging type pants have been fashionable for a couple seasons BUT that trend is changing totally for more loosen up cuts.
F) Shoes!
• They usually make you wear heels or at least you feel you have to wear them, the truth is you look more professional when you wear them.
• Try wearing them at least 3 times a week. They don’t have to kill your feet, maybe at the beginning it might hurt a bit but you will get used to them, little sacrifices to look good (little sacrifices NOT torture!)
Check the pics to get an idea …
Only 10 more days and I can walk again!

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    julio 14, 2010

    AMO los abrigos las imágenes están padrísimas! Pero con el clima de la península esta imposible usarlos 🙁 Always want what i cant have jajajajaja