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Do our shopping habits talk about ourselves?

I was watching a TV show called you are what you eat, if that is true, Am I big taco walking around?
I got to thinking if we are what we eat, are we also what we buy? In that case I am definitely a big closet full of clothes and shoes I NEED, (at least I felt I needed them when I saw them at the store) do our shopping habits talk about ourselves?
Yes, they do. In my case I am a sale girl, I love bargains, they make me feel I’m clever (even if Im not) and usually when I love something I wait until it comes on sale to buy it, specially the clothes I know will come also next seasons. Even I love fashion, its so rare I buy things by impulse, even if I felt in love the moment I saw them, but I guess that’s my nature to think before I act, and I supposed that is shown in my normal life, I never act by impulse.
One of the best things about summer, are the sales … they are worldwide and you are able to buy that pair of shoes you dreamed of and saw 4 months ago at the department store but u weren’t able to afford.
Make a smart shopping list of the things you really want/need (I usually NEED all I like) and that are worth to be bought on sale, for example:
a) A trench coat and/or jacket
b) A pair of jeans to go out.
c) Designer shoes (stilettos for going out, or a nice pair of flats for the daily life)
d) Little black dress
e) Designer bag
f) The item you felt in love with, but you couldn’t afford (splurge yourself)
Sales are usually over the first week of August, so on your marks, set, go!

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