I identify what’s happening in my life according to the shoes I wear at the time

Coming back home makes me realize how all my friends have changed, each one took different paths but at the end, its nice to know that even if they are married with kids, others business woman, entrepreneurs, doctors, etc, at the end they are always there to hold your back, and getting back together feels like years haven’s passed by (having fun complaining about men and bitching about others, a ritual).
Even the way we all look, we DEFINITELY improved looks and style. I can’t help but notice how our style has changed and evolved.
It’s my thing to notice what people wear; it’s an addiction, noticing how they express themselves in their clothes. Looking at others makes me also notice about myself, and suddenly realized I identify what’s happening in my life according to the shoes I wear at the time.
I remember the hideous platform era when I was around 15, the navy blue moccasins we had to wear with the school uniform, the Coach shoes I wore all the time at College, my crazy Argentinean Ricky Sarkany and Lucila Iotti shoes when I lived in Buenos Aires, and my beautiful Steven by Steve Madden boots I bought in Los Angeles with my second salary (yes, that’s why I cant save money, I spend it on shoes). Definitely, my shoes represent what was happening in my life at the time (How scary if they could talk!), do yours?
With love for all my high school friends, even time has passed, it feels it hasn’t when we are together again.