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I wanna spend some pounds! (If only I could)

Keeping the list of the hot young fashion designers I am continuing with the English talents. Their names might sound familiar to you cause you´ve read them on major fashion magazines, but still sometimes when we love fashion but we cant afford to spend fortunes on it, it might be difficult to keep track of the new names, but no worries, after reading my blog, you will be updated on the IT designers of the moment.
I am starting with one of my favorites; Christopher Kane.
I had the chance to attend the Versus (he is collaborating with Donatella Versace for the line) fashion show in Milan during the past Fashion Week and after also to the showroom. Of course attending anything related to Versace is a once in a lifetime experience, as I love Donatella, but that’s another story, if I start talking how much I love Versace I will never end.
Back to Christopher Kane (as I am writing this it took me around 15 minutes to concentrate again and stop thinking about Versace, sometimes I’m such a FREAK ! haha) is 28 and Scottish, studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, establishing his own-name label in 2006, with his sister, Tammy Kane. Since then his collections have been praised by the press and led him to big commercial success (he sold out a Collection in net a porter 24 hours after presented) and fabulous collaborations with names in the industry such and Versace, Swarovski and Manolo Blahnik. Why do we love him? For his attention to detail and silhouette perfect fit, and I particularly love him for being so young and successful, a true inspiration. He makes the perfect cocktail dresses! Take a look at the line he made for Versus (the young sister brand of Versace) that I mentioned before.
If I was rich, I would definitely buy mostly all of the pieces from Peter Pilloto.
Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos are de Designers venid the brand, Pilotto is half-Austrian, half-Italian and De Vos is half-Belgian, half-Peruvian.
Peter Pilotto’s vision of womenswear embraces new and classic perspectives on elegante but with a touch of original yet creative pieces. If you take a look at his Collection they are genious on mixing prints combined with soft, sculptural shapes.
I want them all!

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