The feeling of missing

I can’t stop thinking about Paris and French fashion old school; I always want that glamour to come back.
Lately I’ve given a big thought about the meaning of “missing” someone, as I this is the first time in my life I ever felt it (That sounded so cheesy, I can’t even believe I have the guts say it in public).  In fashion is very rare nowadays to actually find something 100% new, they are usually interpretations of existing trends, designs, etc.  Sometimes young designers forget the basics, the old school that actually was so good that their styles remain and are fashionable today.  In the dictionary missing is defined as “feel or suffer from the lack of “, in life as in fashion we at least once get to experience this feeling of lacking someone or something’s presence, but the suffering from this lack, depends on us, on our perspective. In fashion creativity allows designers to reinterpret old style designs by expressing in new creations a new approach from something maybe they felt it was missing.  But in life how do we express and/or reinterpret the feeling of missing?
Just a thought and some pictures from the french old school.

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