En Moda


Some of the things I love the most about fashion, is how every day it allows us to express ourselves. Think about it, how many times we make judgments about others just by the way they are dressed? She is a geek, she is cool, she is rich … are some of the statements we often make when we see someone for the first time, and this thoughts are based only on the looks.
A month ago, back home I started researching for the most talented, innovative and risky brands, as we all know, the Mexican market is still very conservative and we tend to follow the American culture, but I was pleasantly surprised when I took a deeper note about MALAFACHA, a brand that I already knew about but surprised me in how positively they’ve evolved and placed themselves in the market, opening a door of creativity and an option for those who want to make a statement by wearing their clothes.
In other post, I talked about the brand and presented a video of their latest collection, that was my fist contact with Victor and Francisco, the artists behind the brand, who have kindly agreed to give an interview for the blog.
I am deeply grateful to them, not only for sharing their thoughts to us, but mostly for giving the Mexican market and the world an option full of quality yet keeping an interesting and creative point of view.
1. ¿How was MALAFACHA born?
Born for almost five years of the interest in joining our creative visions, and to propose alternative fashion with a touch of darker inspirations. Putting together our different talents in a joint project.
2. How would you describe your style? What makes it different?
Its a very defined style, with dark themes of inspiration, nostalgic, old and futuristic touches that combine to create something out of context generally with interesting results. We like also to combine childish elements with silhouettes and details of the Victorian era. A constant thread in the collections has been the subject of death from different perspectives, sometimes more obvious and others more hidden.
3. What is fashion to you?
Fashion is everything that surrounds us, but born from a very personal point of view, with your own reinterpretation and adapting your style and your way of seeing life, in any case is not something previously made to be adapted to all, but most importantly, is the most faithful witness to what happens in the world.
4. What do you think of the fashion industry in Mexico?
That there isn’t such, there is a way to fashion and clothing industry, but of a Mexican fashion industry is not yet possible to speak, by countless factors, but nevertheless something is moving, and there is much more seriousness in new designers to see this as a business and not merely as an excuse to receive applause at a show and survive to the next, there is more awareness and more support from private enterprise. Is something that will begin to take shape soon.
5. What are your influences in design?
Everything we like and is around us, influences are something that inspire you in a subconsciously way, otherwise is to copy a style, and we are totally against it. We believe that most concepts are what inspire us like nostalgia, from the deepest to the most childish, playful, mixing, combining elements or seasons that would not be mixed commonly, taking thins out of context.
6. What can’t miss when you are working?
7. Being two designers, how do you combine your talents?
We are a fashion designer (Francisco) and a visual communicator (Victor), and its right there where we complement our training.
8. How do you manage the balance between risk taking and the commercial fact?
Be clear what is for the runway should then after be landed so that people can wear it, because that is the function of clothes, and be clear about two things, that a runway should not be just a sampler and samples can not be composed only of runway garments. But also be aware that if people do want fashion and also want to take risks, so we must give them the option, and that’s why this country has a cultural lag not only in fashion but in everything, for radio, television, magazines, etc, everything is already decided for the public and so others prefer to always play it safe, not offering options.
9. What is your fetish piece of clothing?
Hats or things for the head.
10.Can you share something about future projects?
Many.  Soon we will present the collection S/S 2011 at Fashion Week Mexico 2011, we are designing the looks for singers that will release new materials soon, a project with a major European festival that long ago takes place in the State of Guerrero, and expand our market with collaborations that will allow the growth MALAFACHA.
11. When and where was your most memorable runway?
The last presented always, because each one has an essence and a very special spirit, we could not choose just one, it would be impossible, and to stay in the past, because the best should be the next, that’s why we only use nostalgia as inspiration from a very romantic point of view.
12. Where can we find MALAFACHA?
At Fashion Lovers (Alvaro Obregon 185 col. Roma), Pier39 (Amsterdam 258 col. Condesa) and Studio 13 Neon (Atlixco 13 col. Condesa)