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Dear blog, 
How you´ve been? Please forgive me for my constant delays in posting something interesting.  I can say you a million excuses such as fashion week, moving to a new house, etc, but the truth is lately I’ve been just living a day at a time (hahaha but without the not drinking part). 
I know, excuses, excuses, excuses … ¿How many excuses a day I make? Let me think, when I wake up I make up an excuse to sleep a bit more (who doesn’t!), when I have a piece of bread instead of fruit for breakfast … bam! another excuse for not eating healthy, and so it keeps going till lunch and dinner (haha story of my life) but then how many other excuses we say daily to avoid people or behaviors in order to keep everyone happy? or even worst lie to ourselves .
According to the dictionary excuses are “a defense of some offensive behavior or some failure to keep a promise etc”  ouch! The definition is hard, mainly because when we say excuses we say them in order for not to offend others, but when you make up an excuse, too late honey! the damage is done, otherwise you wouldn’t be making up excuses. 

So my dear blog as I hate people who keep promissing things they’ll never do, I rather not make promises to you that I will post more often, I will just only do it when i am able to, NO EXCUSES. 



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