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At the end happiness is built by little moments of joy

Suddenly the sun is gone and you can feel the winter in Milan. With the change of weather comes a certain change of mood, nostalgia I guess. 
When I realized this weather makes me wonder many things, I realized the weather might change, fashion trends as well, but not my mind. I am the type of person who will always be thinking in advance and I’m usually never satisfied, as I always” want to be the best” or the “the number one” but how are those thoughts really helpful as I am always thinking about the future but never enjoying the present? I gradually have to learn to enjoy the present as the future is uncertain and there are no guarantees that indeed it will happen. At the end happiness is built by little moments of joy, that sometimes we let pass by because we are preoccupied of stuff is not in our hands.
So, as the winter is around the corner and need to enjoy every second of it what better than enjoying life in a fashionable way?
Above you will see my picks of coats for this season.
If you have time, please share a note of how can we enjoy the present or how do u enjoy it.