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ONLINE FASHION COMMUNICATION (my Master’s thesis project!)

In order to graduate from my Master’s thesis last year at Domus Academy in Milan I had to develop a Final Project. As a theme I chose Online fashion Communication, here the introduction of my project that I will start uploading little by little. 
Note: If u are gonna make “copy paste” or use part of the following text dont forget to mention me in the bibliography, credits, etc. 
If you have any further questions or wanna know more about it send me an email or comment on the blog. 
Fashion is all about image and communication. Communication is implicit in all 
fashion brands starting from the clothes itself to the advertising campaigns, the 
stores, the visual merchandising, the designer, etc. When you think about a brand, 
you have an image in your mind, result of what the brand wants to transmit to the 
public plus your perception and personal experiences with them. 
As we live in a world where Internet it’s a fundamental part of our daily lives, the 
fashion industry has to innovate as well, taking advantage of this fast growing 
market. Brands, magazines, retailers are all going online, as consumers demand 
and incorporate the use of internet more and more every day in their lives. 
Now a day’s social media is the most modern way of communicating. It opens up 
endless possibilities for the fashion industry like communicating with potential 
customers, particularly because in fashion trends change so quickly. The key to 
social media is that it allows two-way communication as users can comment, vote 
and share information, making social media hugely influential and consumers get 
to be involved with the brand. 

There are so many types of social media that could be of benefit for fashion 
companies, but some of the main ones to consider are blogs, forums, Micro 
blogging (Twitter), Social Networks (Facebook) and  content communities 
Every variation of fashion communication in the web has its own origin, 
development, target and tools of how it has been developed. According to the 
brand, store or publication it’s the social media network or web 2.0 tools they use. 
This project aims to follow a perspective from different points of view in the industry
about fashion communication in the web, making emphasis on the retail and the 

magazines perspective, going through the way brands now a communicate through 
social networks, blogs, etc. 
A deep analysis and examples of all the most relevant ways and types of fashion 
communication in the web, pointing the advantages, disadvantages and criteria to 
make a better use of this web phenomenon that if properly used can lead to an 
integral development of communication strategies in the fashion arena. 
Ilustración de Arturo Elena 
Online Fashion Communication 
Dayanira Ruiz 
Domus Academy 
Master in Fashion Management 
Academic Year 2010
Master Director Annagemma Lascari 
Project Leader Francesca Ballini 
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