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A year ago …

Im sorry I havent blogged lately. 
I was just thinking my blog just turned a year old (like my ass/coxis bone fracture, the reason i had to be one month in bed and made me use my time in something I enjoy as much as writing + fashion= my blog). 
A year passes by so fast but so slow at the same time, where were you a year ago? As I said before i was in bed, cause I was partying on Milan Men’s Fashion Week with a model outside a club… what was I thinking playing seek and hide with a slutty dress, high heels in the rain? FUN NIGHT 😉 
The point is a year ago, I could just think about parties with models and hot italian men, being in the top 3 of my Master class and find patience to keep along the relationship i had at the moment …. Now? My life changed completely, the models, the italian men and the boyfriend are not longer around, school is over and a fabulous new job started, I feel so happy and relaxed. I used to stress so much about the future, about what was gonna happen after the 2010 ended. I made choices, I chose to look for my best interests , cause I realized if I didn’t do it for myself NO ONE was doing it for me. I chose to remove the things that were keeping me away from my center, from my mental peace but overall I learned that all things must come to an end, because life as fashion is about expressing who you are by re inventing yourself everyday, deciding what’s IN and whats OUT.  

“Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open.” Graham Bell


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