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Quoting Janice Dickinson “Everything About Me Is Fake . . . And I’m Perfect”

I don’t understand why people lie about plastic surgery. Do they think we are that stupid that we don’t notice how out of the blue they look different? 

People think I’m mean when I say “there are no ugly people, just poor people” but don’t you think it’s true? Do you honestly think that celebrities look that good when they wake up? Or that they were actually born looking that way? Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the world is full of beautiful people who have no money to look pretty. If this were my philosophy I would have given my phone to sooooo many guys that I chose not to just because they were as ugly as having to work on Christmas Eve. 

Natalie Portman
Blake Lively 
Ashley Simpson
Megan Fox 
Photo Source: http://www.plasticcelebritysurgery.com/

We should take advantage of all the technology and information that we have available nowadays. Your nose makes your face look like a monster? Get a nose job! You’re too fat? Stop eating carbs and do some exercise. Don’t like diets? Get lipo! If you get something done, don’t hesitate to accept you did it, and actually invite people to do something for themselves. 

I got a nose job—so what? Actually, my nose wasn’t that bad but I knew it was going to look better if I fixed it and it TOTALLY did. Why should I lie about it? The most important thing is that looking good makes you feel good, if you don’t pamper and take care of yourself, who will? Your boyfriend? Your husband? How sad to be waiting for others to do or say stuff for us when in your own hands you have the power to do it.

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