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Last Wednesday I went to this kind of lecture, kind of informal meeting with the editor-in-chief of Vogue Mexico & Latin America, Eva Hughes. It was at a cool new concept store in Santa Fe called Cañamiel.
I had to attend because of my job but I was also very curious to see what Eva Hughes was like, as I realized she was the only Vogue editor-in-chief I hadn’t met yet. You name them– Anna Wintour, Emanuelle Alt (Carinne Roitfeld at her time), Franca Sozzani, and of course my fashion-mother-idol-inspiration-goddess, Anna dello Russo.

Emanuelle Alt 
Anna dello Russo
Anna Wintour 
Franca Sozzani 
Eva Hugues 
Her lecture was interesting; she talked about the importance of and reasons why women purchase certain things, the importance of activating the fashion industry, “made in Mexico”, etc … She is a good speaker though I kind of expected her to have more personality. Compared to the others, I don´t get the “Vogue vibe” as much as I did when I met the other editors-in-chief.  Maybe I met the others at a different moment in my life when every fashion experience was new and I was very, very excited for everything that happened. With time you start getting used to it, but fashion is amazing and exciting and changes so fast that it never stops being fascinating.
I wonder how many gifts this woman must get from all the luxury brands? DAMN!

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