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Where should I eat?

It’s a fact that eating makes me happy.  My love for food is second only to shoes.  One of the things I love most about my country is, of course, THE FOOD!  Mexican cuisine is definitely one of the best in the world (dare I even say, THE best), and trust me, I’ve been all over the world, from fancy restaurants to little improvised food stands in the street. 
People usually ask me where to go or eat in Mexico or other cities around the world. 
So here my first list of the best places EVER to eat. You are gonna love me after you visit them. 
1. Kleins (México)
It’s a cafeteria in the heart of Polanco (in Mexico City).  The crowd is composed of families and groups of friends that want to grab a quick but tasty bite to eat. 
Ask for:
a) Enchiladas verdes
b) Bisteces Macuarros 
c) Huevos San Marcos 
d) Vanilla milkshake 
e) Hot cakes dollar con nuez
f) Bagel de quesos 
Every time i go to NY I gotta go there. 
The lamb ramen is awesome , plus no tourists at all, though I strongly recommend u to make a reservation as it might be crowded. 
Great choice if you partied like a rockstar the night before. 
Photo Source: http://www.reallygoodfood.org/2009/08/10/momofuku-noodle-bar-nyc/
If you love chocolate then this place is equal to heaven. 
I dont know if its a coincidence but the waiters are good looking every time I go.
Awesome fro brunch and breakfast. I can’t recommend something in particular as Im in love of all the menu. 
Photo Source:http://nymag.com/restaurants/reviews/underground/19680/
After two years in Italy DEFINITELY the best “pizzeria” I ever went is this one. 
Its on a shitty Napoli neighborhood and you have to wait like an hour to have a seat but ITS WORTH IT. The crowd is mostly composed by families, couples, or people who would go by themselves just to eat this amazing pizza. 
5. Da Maruzzela 
The second best “pizzeria” EVER. It’s in Porta Venezia in Milan.
I had a dinner date every sunday with my best friend Fernando there. I think we tried the whole menu at least once. 
I recommend: 
a) Pizza pescatore 
b) Pizza salame picante 
c) Bruschetta 
The hostess is a cute fatty grandpa from Napoli, you better show him your biggest and best smile or he will make you wait hours before you have a seat. 
Overpriced tacos but SO GOOD. 
I’ve been going to this place since I am 4 years old. 
Can’t miss: 
a) Farolada con carne
b)Tacos de carnitas 
c)Volcan con carne 
d)Special sauce 

My second home when I lived in Buenos Aires. 
The best grill of the city, very casual, home made argentinan food. 
Can’t miss: 
a) Lomito con queso
b) Choripan 
c) Bife 
d) Salsa arriera 

Used to have dinner here with my best friends at least once a week … good times!

8) La Conchita del Caribe (in Cozumel, Mexico) 
I have so many nice things to say about this restaurant! It is definitely the best sea food I have ever tried.
If you ever go to Cozumel you will regret not having lunch there.
I love:
a) Ceviche
b) Camarones empanizados
c) Lobster

You can thank me later!

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    octubre 5, 2011

    gracias friend!!! eres la mejor!! te mandamos un abrazote, te extrañamos!!!