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Fashion doesn’t mean Vuitton, Dolce or Gucci. (Part 1)

Don’t get me wrong! I love Vuitton, Dolce and Gucci, but unless ur very passionate about fashion, it’s really hard to stay updated and aware of up-and-coming designers. It takes hours of research, traveling and of course, passion for the topic. 

I may have mentioned this before in the blog, but my second job in Milan was at the best PR agency for up-and-coming designers. It was there that I had the chance to meet and work with these extraordinary future fashion icons. 

Working there inspired me to keep researching and understand the importance of their contributions and fresh ideas. 

Born in Istanbul on June 26, 1976, Erkan has always loved fashion. He received a Masters in Fashion Design at Domus Academy, Milan (yep! we went to the same school). Erkan has worked in Milan for several cutting-edge Italian brands.
In 2009, he started to develop his ideas under the brand name Erkan Coruh with a team in his atelier, which also collaborated with artists. In March 2010, he launched his first Autumn/Winter 2010 Men and Women’s wear start-up collection, “The Men & Women of Allah”, in Milan.
His second collection, “Shirin” was presented at Rome Fashion Week at the AltaRoma and Vogue Italia “Who Is On Next” competition where he was selected as the winner for the Women’s Ready-To-Wear portion of the competition.
For Erkan, “fashion is an indivual journey through creativity to achieve sophisticated beauty.”
Besides being a wonderful designer he is a kind and noble human being. It was a pleasure meeting and working with him. 

She is a very young and talented Italian accessories designer. 
This video will explain everything about her and her enormous creativity. 

3. Arnaldo Battois 

Behind the label Arnoldo][Battois, there are two stylists from Venice: Silvano Arnoldo and Massimiliano Battois. 
In 2001, armed with the professional experience acquired through various years of work, they took on the challenge to create clothing and accessories with their own label and to test their marketability by opening a shop in Venice.
The clothing and accessories that they produced were made from highly specialized craftsmanship from the Riviera of Brenta. 

They participated in “Who Is On Next?” in 2010, an international competition organized by Vogue Italia and AltaRoma, and they were among the three finalists in the accessories category.
In September they showed the SS 2011 collection during Milan Fashion Week, at the event organized by Vogue Italy and Vogue USA in Palazzo Morando, in the presence of Anna Wintour, Franca Sozzani, and the most important names in the fashion industry.

If you want a unique and stylish but also high fashion and hand crafted bag, you definitely must check out these designers.

Spring Summer Collection 2012 

¡No me entiendan mal! Saben que adoro Vuitton, Dolce o Gucci pero a menos que te apasione la moda, es muy difícil estar al día y actualizado de los nuevos talentos y diseñadores emergentes. Créanme que toma horas de investigación, viajes y por supuesto mucha sentirte profundamente apasionado sobre este tema. 
Tal vez lo mencioné alguna vez en el blog, pero mi segundo trabajo en Milán fue en la mejor agencia de PR del mundo para los nuevos diseñadores, ahí tuve la oportunidad de trabajar y conocer con la gente más talentosa y recientemente descubierta en el mundo de a moda, en pocas palabras los futuros íconos de la moda. 
Trabajar ahí me dejó el hábito de investigar quiénes eran estos diseñadores y lo invaluable que es su aportación y frescura en la moda. 

Estos diseñadores son claro ejemplo de lo anterior. 

1. Erkan Çoruh 

¿Qué les parecieron? Les recomiendo que entren a sus páginas, voy a seguir subiendo información y nombres de otros diseñadores que valen mucho la pena. 

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