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Licia Florio

A couple months ago I made a post about new upcoming designers such as Benedetta Bruzziches or my dearest Erkan Çoruh.
Today I am very happy to feuture an interview with Licia Florio.
Licia is a young italian designer, recently graduated from Marangoni.
What I like about her style is that though is contemporary it gives you a sense of vintage on every design yet keeping it chic and easy.  I can perfectly see all the “fashion kids” from Milan wearing her clothes having a beer at Colonne or partying at Plastic or Magazzini Generali
Hope you enjoy the interview and don’t forget to keep an eye on her.

Licia Florio – Spring-Summer 2012 from Licia Florio on Vimeo.

1. What do you want to express with your designs?
When I design a collection I think about who could wear my clothes and I try to create a set that has character, a visual narrative that will inspire and excite.
I want my garments to help people create their own style without having to wear logos.

2. What can not miss in your closet?
It depends on the seasons and moods. This winter, I can not help but long skirtsin wool crepe and warm colors.

3. What piece you consider a must on every women’s closet?
I think every woman should have a “safe outfit”: a dress, a sweater, a tee, anything that gives her confidence in any situation and help her feel good.

4. What is the importance of “Made in Italy” in your brand?
I follow all the steps in my production line and that is one of the key points of Licia Florio.
Made in Italy is one of the values of my brand together with  the  high quality.
I think craftsmanship and industrial make as a result an Italian product.

5. How has fashion changed your life?
Fashion has always been part of my life and now I have turned my passion into a wonderful job.

Photo credits http://www.liciaflorio.it/
Interview by Daya Ruiz